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Suspension Services

Comprehensive Suspension Solutions for a More Comfortable Ride

Struts / Shocks

Shocks provide a pleasant ride for you and your passengers by absorbing road imperfections while you're driving and preventing the car from bouncing. They also improve your vehicle's handling so that it can maintain appropriate course around curves and at faster speeds on the highway. They are distinct from struts, although if your vehicle has both, they should be serviced at the same time.

Conversely, struts are a component of your car's structural design. They complete the suspension system, ensuring a comfortable and effective ride for your car. In addition, they reduce spring oscillation to guard against suspension damage. Certain cars have front- and/or rear-mounted shock absorbers and struts. Most vehicles have one or the other.

These parts need to be replaced since they deteriorate over time, which can result in worn tires in addition to an uncomfortable ride. It's probably time to replace your shocks and struts if you notice that stopping distances are longer than usual or your ride is unusually bumpy. Your ability to control your vehicle may be compromised if you don't do it, as well. You should think about changing your shocks, struts, or both, at least every 50,000 miles.

If you are experiencing faulty suspension or steering, here's some indicators that it's time for service:

  • Noise when driving over bumps or bouncing ✓
  • Hard turning, uneven tire wear, or misaligned wheels ✓
  • Leaking fluid on the exterior of the shocks/struts ✓
  • Uneven treadwear from tires not being firmly attached to the road ✓

At MOTEC Auto Care, we'll ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers with your car’s steering and suspension leaving in good working order. If you need new shocks or struts for your vehicle, let our mechanics take care of your vehicle and get you back on the road as soon as possible. We proudly serve all of San Diego, get in touch with us by email at manager@MOTECautocare or call (858) 578-4300 and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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