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Steering / Wheel Alignment

Our Alignment and Steering Services Keep You Safe

Steering / Wheel Alignment

Did you know misaligned wheels can diminish the life of your tires by causing rapid and uneven treadwear? In fact, properly aligned wheels improve driver safety, enhance your driving control, increase fuel efficiency and maximize the life of your tires.

The process of aligning the wheels involves changing their angles such that they are parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground. These changes are made to ensure that the vehicle tracks straight and true when driving and that the tire life is maximized. Make the decision today to save your tires before it’s too late!

  • The Benefits Of An Alignment: Improved fuel economy, prevention of costly motor repairs, more comfortable driving, and increased life of your tires.
  • We Use The Latest Technology: Evaluation of your vehicle’s steering and suspension components are done using computer-generated measurements that restore your alignment to the original factory requirements.
  • Quality Service From Professionals: Our certified car alignment technicians have the experience and knowledge to service any vehicle.
  • Care You Can Trust: We proudly back all of our work with an industry-leading auto repair warranty. We use only the latest precision alignment tools available to ensure all service is done safely

If your vehicle isn’t driving straight, it may be time to have your wheel alignment checked. Our professional auto technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose any of your vehicle’s alignment problems. We proudly serve all of San Diego, get in touch with us by email at manager@MOTECautocare or call (858) 578-4300 and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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