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Radiator Services

Keep Your Engine Running Properly

Radiator Repair and Replacement

The radiator is part of your vehicle's cooling system and helps protect against critical engine failure. If your radiator gets damaged, heat will build up inside the engine block and cause massive overheating.

In order to stabilize engine temperatures, your motor's water pump sends coolant into the engine block to absorb heat. The engine heat is then ran past a thermostat, which maintains the coolant's temperature. Then, coolant is sent to the radiator to release the excess engine heat. Your radiator's fans keep the area cool by providing airflow. Lastly, the coolant is then sent back to the engine block to repeat the entire cycle again.

Additionally, your radiator hoses can leak too. For example, you'll see a small pool of coolant on the ground beneath your parked vehicle or small drips near the engine bay and outside of the radiator housing. If the leak is small, it can sometimes be sealed. However, for bigger leaks, you'll have to replace the radiator hose entirely.

At MOTEC Auto Care, we'll make sure your motor is free of leaks and being cooled properly to prevent overheating and eventual seizing.

When you choose us for a radiator inspection or service, we'll:

  • Begin corrective maintenance through a coolant flush ✓
  • Inspect or replace the thermostat ✓
  • Service your motor based on manufacture guidelines ✓
  • Determining the health of your cooling system ✓

Surprisingly, cooling system failures in vehicles are the leading cause of breakdowns nationwide. With a proper radiator repair or flush, our certified technicians will ensure your fans, hoses, and radiator work together to keep your engine at a safe operating temperature.

Reach out to us today for an inspection of your radiator if you suspect something isn't running correctly or overheating. We proudly serve all of San Diego, get in touch with us by email at manager@MOTECautocare or call (858) 578-4300 and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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