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Battery / Alternator Services

Rely on Our Skilled Technicians for Your Battery and Alternator Needs

Starting / Charging Services

Alternators and starters are typically not considered by vehicle owners until their car refuses to start for no apparent reason.

Simple enough: The starter depends on the battery, the alternator depends on the starter, and the battery depends on the alternator. Our professionals at MOTEC Auto Care will get you back on the road quickly and efficiently if any issues related to these processes are present.

If your battery is in good condition, we examine the alternator, starter, and other potential parts of your starting system, such as the ignition switch and drive belts. Before starting any repairs, we 'll go over the condition of your car and offer a written estimate.

Our ASE certified technicians can troubleshoot:

  • Symptoms of a Bad Alternator: Indicator lights turning on, dimming or weakening lights — especially those visible at night, weird noises, burning odors, or a functioning battery that won't take or keep a charge.
  • When It's Time for a Replacement Starter: The engine won't crank consistently (and your battery is healthy), the engine won't turn over at all, especially if you hear a loud click instead, or the starter grinds the entire way while driving (the starter fails to turn off).
  • General Electrical Inquiries: Verification of proper system voltage with the alternator, starter, cabling, or any connections in between.

Let MOTEC's auto experts make sure your starter system is in working order so your vehicle starts every time. Don't let yourself be stuck on the side of the road when your vehicle won't start, we'll take of it preemptively while making sure your satisfaction is our top priority. We proudly serve all of San Diego and its surrounding communities, get in touch with us by email at manager@MOTECautocare or call (858) 578-4300 and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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