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Why Is My “Check Engine” Light Blinking?

Why Is My “Check Engine” Light Blinking?

Have you observed a blinking “Check Engine” light on your car’s dashboard recently, and been wondering about the cause behind it? It is vital to take note of this flashing light, as it indicates an engine misfire that could potentially cause significant harm to the catalytic converters. However, even a non-flashing light could still be leading to damage, albeit a less severe misfire.

An engine misfire occurs when one or more cylinders in your car’s engine fail to provide power to the vehicle, leading to a possibility of fuel leakage into the catalytic converter. Timely repair of this issue is crucial not only to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance but also to save you from incurring expensive engine repair costs. The longer you delay in addressing the misfiring, the more harm it can cause.

Three Common Causes of Engine Misfires (ranked by severity and cost):

  • Ignition System: This includes components like spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, ignition wires, and coils. This is the most common engine issue that requires servicing.
  • Fuel System: This can be a bit more costly due to diagnostic and repair times, as well as the price of parts. Your fuel injectors are usually the component that needs repair in this case.
  • Internal Engine: The third and most expensive culprit is the internal engine. This involves labor-intensive replacement of internal components like the cylinder head, pistons and rings, and timing belt/chain. While not as common as the other two, it is important to note that internal engine issues can be particularly pricey.

To properly diagnose and address a misfire issue, the most effective approach is to run a specialized computer diagnostic test. This will generate a detailed report that an automotive technician can then use to accurately identify and perform the necessary repairs. It is crucial to address misfires promptly and accurately, as misdiagnosing or ignoring the issue can result in a hefty repair bill down the line.

A friendly piece of advice: taking care of your vehicle and promptly addressing any issues such as a misfire not only helps keep your vehicle safe but also contributes to improved fuel economy and longevity. So, if you notice any signs of engine misfire, don’t delay in taking your vehicle in for servicing.

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