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Wondering How Often Wheel Alignment Should Be Done?

Wondering How Often Wheel Alignment Should Be Done?

Taking Care of a Needed Wheel Alignment Matters!

Vehicle maintenance is a necessary task that requires your attention regularly. Although it may not be the most exciting way to spend your money, preventative measures can ultimately safeguard the investment you have made in your car.

When it comes to vehicle suspension, however, most people may need some guidance. Questions such as what an alignment entails, how a vehicle can lose its alignment, and the recommended frequency for alignment services can be overwhelming. This article aims to provide clarity on these finer points of alignment, highlighting its importance and why you should prioritize it.

How Does a Car Lose Its Alignment?

There are many reasons why a vehicle’s alignment needs to be checked. Sometimes, hitting a pothole can be enough to cause misalignment. Driving on rough terrain or being rough with your vehicle can also contribute to this problem. Additionally, failing to check your vehicle’s alignment annually can lead to balance issues. Even something as simple as low tire pressure can make your car pull to one side, which can feel like a loss of alignment.

The Dangers of Unbalanced Wheels!

The force behind moving wheels and tires is truly immense. When this force is unbalanced, it can create unevenness in the tires which causes poor handling and difficulty steering. Unbalanced car alignment can lead to various issues due to the fast spinning rate of wheels and the enormous force they generate. Ultimately, it can result in problems like poor fuel economy and uneven tire wear. More alarmingly, unbalanced wheels can lead to lessened vehicle control, which poses a risk of accidents and fatalities. Leaving a vehicle unbalanced is therefore risky and can lead to expensive repairs.

How to Identify Issues:

A car alignment that needs attention should usually be evident to the driver. A vibration while driving is the most noticeable sign. Additionally, if the wheels are straight but the steering wheel is not, it’s likely time to get the vehicle aligned.

How Often Should Wheel Alignment Be Done?

Vehicle owners commonly ask how often they should have their wheels aligned. Generally, it’s recommended to check your alignment annually. However, it’s also essential to remain vigilant for signs of an unbalanced vehicle. Depending on driving habits and terrain, some drivers may need to align their vehicles more frequently.

In sum, getting your vehicle aligned is a straightforward and inexpensive task if done proactively. By staying aware of your vehicle’s look and feel, you can detect when an alignment is necessary. Neglecting to align your vehicle for a long time can be dangerous while driving and result in expensive repairs later on.


Wondering if you should get a wheel alignment done? Contact our team of ASE Certified technicians at MOTEC Auto Care today for more information and to schedule an appointment. We have been proudly serving San Diego for 20+ years and offer dealership quality at rates you can afford.