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What Affects Car Axles?

What Affects Car Axles?

The condition of your car’s axles greatly affects the performance of your vehicle’s wheel system. Despite this, many vehicle owners tend to neglect car axles until problems arise. However, car axles play a crucial role in the steering, driving, and braking of the vehicle, as they link the engine’s power to the tires. They must be in good condition to bear the vehicle’s weight and components. Over time, they can wear down and lose their functionality.

Here’s some indicators that your car’s axles should be inspected:

  • Sudden clunking sounds when shifting gears

  • Vibrations while driving, braking, or turning.

  • All seems well, but the car cannot move

A term that you might hear your mechanic talk about is the constant-velocity joint, or the CV joint. CV joints are basically intricate ball and socket joints located on both ends of the drive shafts. Inner CV joints connect the driving shafts to the transmission while the outer CV joints connect the drive shafts to the car’s wheels.

Wondering How much does CV Joint Repair Cost?

Replacing a CV joint isn’t too expensive, and it’s important because their performance depends on how much they’re used and how much wear and tear they have. Above all else, checking your car’s axles regularly is crucial for not only your vehicle’s health but for your own safety, too.

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