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Looking for a Quality Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

Looking for a Quality Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

As more dealers and buyers enter the used car market, there are more choices for buyers. However, some buyers may feel desperate after searching for a long time and may overlook the quality of the vehicle they want to buy. This often leads to regret after purchase.

To avoid this, pre-purchase car inspections were created to protect buyers. This inspection ensures the quality of the vehicle before purchase, giving you, the buyer, confidence.

What is a pre-purchase car inspection? It’s like a complete health checkup for a used car, where a certified auto mechanic inspects the mechanical and electrical components thoroughly before you buy it. So, make sure to get a pre-purchase car inspection before buying a used vehicle.

A vehicle check up includes:

  • Ensuring that any damage to the vehicle has been repaired before the purchase
  • Detailing the condition of the vehicle
  • Noting the history of the automobile regarding repair and maintenance
  • The price range for the car, including the KBB value, to improve your bargaining confidence
  • Advising on how to improve the condition of the car to run better and longer

How long does a Car Inspection Take?

A car inspection is an important process that should not be rushed, and it may depend on your mechanic’s availability. Regardless of the time it takes, a pre-purchase car inspection is crucial to understanding exactly what you’re getting when buying a used vehicle.

Contact our ASE Certified technicians at MOTEC Auto Care today for more information about a pre-purchase car service or to schedule an appointment. We’ve been proudly serving San Diego for 20+ years and offer dealership quality at rates you can afford.