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How Long Does Brake Pad Replacement Take?

How Long Does Brake Pad Replacement Take?

How Long Do Brakes Last on My Vehicle?

It’s crucial to maintain a vehicle’s brake system, as neglecting it can cause accidents. Mechanics often get asked how long the different brake components last, including brake pads, rotors, discs, and calipers, and how long the replacement process takes. As these brake parts are subject to normal wear and tear, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Typically, this service can take 30 minutes to and hour to replace them.

When to Replace Your Brakes Depends on a Few Factors:

  1. Frequency of Service: Having regular brake service performed by a qualified mechanic (at least once a year) is vital to ensure you and your passengers’ safety on the road. During this service, the mechanic will inspect the brake pads, rotors, brake lines, and brake fluid to determine if they need replacement. To confirm that the brake system is in good condition, the mechanic should also take your car for a test drive as part of the service.
  2. Operating Environment: Urban driving, with its frequent stop-and-go traffic, is tough on brakes. Conversely, the countryside and long straight roads are less demanding since they offer fewer occasions to apply them. Lastly, steep descents can also be hard on brakes since you need to press the pedal firmly to control downhill speed.
  3. Driving Habits: Bad driving habits lead to faster deterioration of your brakes. Try to come to a stop smoothly and gradually, as this will diminish overall wear on the components themselves. Try to avoid braking abruptly unless it is absolutely necessary for your safety.
  4. Brake Materials: The durability of your brakes depends on the material they’re made of. Although carbon-ceramic brakes are the most durable, they are rare to find and can be costly. Steel or any other high-quality metal brakes are a great option because they are readily available and inexpensive, yet suitable for various driving environments.

Tip to Remember: Keep your brakes in top shape by bringing your vehicle to a professional mechanic, buying premium quality components, and practice good driving habits.

Wondering more about your vehicle’s brakes and whether or not it’s time for service? Contact our team of ASE Certified technicians at MOTEC Auto Care today for more information. We’ve been getting San Diego moving again for over 20+ years and offer dealership quality at prices that fit your budget.