Lifetime Car Engine Belts & Hoses

Did you know that over time, vehicle accessory drive belts and coolant hoses lose their ability to properly expand and contract? This leads them to eventually dry out and crack. When this happens, there can be costly consequences, so it is important to get your vehicle’s belts and hoses maintained regularly.

MOTEC Auto Care provides lifetime services for belts and hoses as part of our lifetime parts guarantee. With regular inspections and timely replacement of belts and hoses, we can help protect you and your car against sudden breakdowns and potentially expensive repairs.

Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

During the summer months here in San Diego, the temperature of a vehicle sitting in the sun can easily exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep you and your passengers cool this summer, and come into MOTEC if your automobile’s air conditioning system is not working properly.

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Their work is first-rate, as is their customer service.

I've taken my Mazda 6 to MOTEC twice in the last year, and I will take it there again whenever it needs work. Their work is first-rate, as is their customer service. I am in good hands, and I feel that way, too! Thanks, MOTEC. - Robert G.

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